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Larimar and the Domican Republic

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Larimar in Sterling Silver, Larimar Silver Necklace, Clearwater Jewelers
Huck Jewelers in Clearwater wearing Larimar

Gaze into the rich blues of Larimar and you will feel a sudden calm sweep over your body. Is it the imagery of the ocean? Is it the reminder of the waves lapping at your feet while enjoying our Clearwater Beach?

Larimar was originally discovered on the beaches of the Dominican Republic in 1916. At the time mining rights were not rewarded and locals were able to enjoy the stone all to themselves. Locals believed the ocean waves swept the blue stones onto their beaches. Then in 1974 Miguel Méndez and Peace Corp volunteer Norman Rilling rediscovered the beautiful blue stones while walking on the beaches. As a matter of fact that is what locals called it.... Blue Stone. Miguel renamed it after his daughter Larissa and the spanish word for sea (mar) to make the name Larimar.

We are grateful to the rediscovery and to the Dominican Republic for finally awarding mining rights. Why was this important? The Dominican Republic is the only known source of Larimar. It is the perfect hot bed of volcanic activity, pectolite and copper. The hot beds of lava reacting with the copper are what give this Pectolite the beautiful blue shades we love so much. And these Clearwater Jewelers love our Larimar!

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