• Melissa Huck

My brand new ring doesn't fit! What now???

Picture it... Christmas 2019, Clearwater:

You've just been handed a tiny box, wrapped in the prettiest of wrapping papers and tied with a perfect little bow. You slowly unwrap it, anticipation making your belly flutter. You've dropped the hints, you've made the Pinterest page and 'discreetly' shared it on his wall. Your hands shake as you grasp the box that you know surely holds that Huck Jewelers ring you dropped all those hints about. Only when you lift the lid... he purchased it from the 'other guys.' The ring is beautiful and sparkly. You can't help but notice its two sizes too big! Oh no!

Don't worry friends. We won't judge. ;) Bring that sparkly new adornment in with this coupon for a special discount on an Express Ring Sizing!

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