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Ring Sizing FAQ's and Myths Debunked

Since Christmas I have been brainstorming future blog posts. And I have quite a few jotted down in my planning notebook. Over the course of the next several weeks we will be blogging about some of the most frequently asked questions we get at the bench from how to care for our jewelry at home to how repairs are done. I decided to begin with ring sizing as this seems to be the most asked question besides "do you change watch batteries" The answer to that question is a resounding yes by the way. Ha! But that would make for a very boring blog post.

So let's begin our New Year with something we have all experienced. It's not nearly as traumatic as having to hit the clothing racks at the mall. Unless you are in to that sort of thing. I mainly wait for my favorite people at Curve Exchange to post something fun on their Facebook page in my size. Anyway, I digress, your size has changed and now your rings are either falling off your finger or worse... cutting off circulation on your finger. Now what?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let's look at three most frequently asked questions I've heard in the shop! The most commonly asked question we get asked is how much does it cost to size a ring. And well that depends on several factors. So that one is hard to answer without seeing the ring. Is the ring silver, gold or platinum? Is there a design on the back of the ring where will be sizing it? We pride ourselves on you not being able to tell where we sized your ring. As such we always do our best to take that extra time and match the pattern on your ring. How wide is the ring? And most importantly does the ring need to be sized up or down? If the ring is going down we charge less than going up. Why? When a ring is sized up material (either silver, gold or platinum) is added to the ring. If we are sizing a ring down we are removing material.This same reason is why sizing a narrow ring is less than sizing a wide ring. The piece of material we have to add has to match the width of the ring. The wider the ring... the more metal we need to use. When ring sizings are priced we take into account labor and material costs. We always provide an estimate before doing any repair, but I hope that explanation is helpful.

Our second most common question is are ring sizings done in-house by Steve. And the answer is yes! In the past we have, from time to time, used a family friend for overflow repairs in order to keep wait times low. But now, doing almost all repairs with our Laser Welder, we have become much more efficient. That little piece of machinery is amazing for so many reasons! But that is another blog post!

And finally we have our third most commonly asked question: can I get it done today? And the answer to that is almost always a yes! We offer Express Services on all of our repairs. Also, if you would like to make an appointment to watch Steve size your ring we are happy to do that as well.

Myths Debunked

Now onto the things that make me scratch my head when I hear them. Ha! Please don't take offence. I know they are on the internet and I know some 'reputable' sounding articles have been shared around the net. But I think it's time we set the record straight.

"Can't you just stretch my ring?" No. Almost 100% of the time the answer is no. Unless you are Robin and then the answer is 'at your own risk.' She's stubborn, but we love her anyway. LOL Now here is why we almost never put a ring on the 'stretcher.' First, if the ring has EVER been sized before there is a seam. The pressure from stretching the ring will POP that seam. Now we are right back to sizing the ring the correct way barring it popped where we want it to pop. Secondly, if the ring has any stones set and we cannot control the way the ring is sized manually we are risking either loose stones or worse... crushed stones. And finally, simply stretching a ring has a high risk of creating micro fractures in the metal from the stress of being pulled taught around the sizer.

"Can my Mr. Fix-it size it at home with his soldering gun?" I kid you not. I've seen the Youtube video and I've seen the handiwork first hand. Please don't. Just trust me. Actually you probably want to hear why this is a horribly-terrible idea. While I'm sure Mr. Fix-it is multi-talented and can repair just about everything using a lead based solder gun. Soldering on silver, gold or platinum with lead will ruin your ring. I repeat... it will ruin your ring. As will super glue while we are on this trip down Jeweler's Nightmare Lane. Everything the lead (or superglue) touches will have to be cut out and rebuilt.

All humor aside I have one last little bit I'd like to discuss with you. If you have a ring that you cannot get off please follow the below steps to remove it. Please never leave a ring on that is too tight. We have seen such awful swelling and clients in major discomfort. Some have even needed to seek medical treatment for their fingers when the ring has either cut off circulation or cut into their finger. Please only follow the below steps if it is NOT a medical emergency. If you are in pain or bleeding please go straight to the ER!

To remove a tight ring try these steps:

Step one: Spray your knuckle and surrounding area with Windex. No we aren't Greek and yes it really does work. You're finger will be extra slippery without getting it gunky with butter or soap.

Step two: If step one doesn't work try putting your finger in a cold glass of water with some ice cubes. This would be my last 'at home' resort. I've personally never tried this step, but customers swear by it.

Step three: Come see us! We have a special tool to cut the ring (In the exact spot we will need to cut to size it). Steve may make some buzz saw noises. It's his sense of humor. Either you 'get' him or you don't. I give full permission to give him an eyeroll and tell him his daughter says to 'cut the crap.' I promise your finger is safe.

Wrap Up

Who would have thought I could type 6,000 keystrokes on sizing a ring? But there you have it. I hope this blog post was helpful and answered some of your questions. If you have more questions or have a topic you would like me to discuss on here please drop a comment below. As always please like and share our posts on Facebook. You sharing us with your friends not only helps our business continue to grow your friends will thank you for now having a jeweler they can trust.


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