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The most underappreciated Birthstone: Peridot

It's been a hot minute since the last update! And when I tell you about the most underrated and underappreciated birthstone it will make sense why now is the perfect time to bring this blog back from the embers.

I know what you are thinking. 'Melissa, it's August. No one likes Peridot!' But hear me out girlfriend! (Yes, I made a judgement call here and you could be a dude. Sorry!) Peridot is my favorite gem to show off for Girl Scout Troops and the schools I visit. Why? It's hot! And I'm not talking Florida heatwave hot. I'm talking volcanic hot! If you remember my piece on Larimar you know that really cool things happen when things get volcanic hot. Arizona is where we get most of our Peridots here in the good ol' USA. Volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago flowed rivers of lava and the Apache tribe have been mining them for us for decades. And do you remember in Hawaii a few years ago? Peridot was literally falling from the skies there when the volcano was doing its eruption thing.

But you know what the kids always love more than volcano Peridot? This, in my eyes, stunning green gem is also extraterrestrial. Yes, you read that right! Scientists have found Peridot on meteorites! How cool is that?! Not cool... hot! I have to stick with my theme here.

Oh and one little fun fact for you.... Cleopatra's famous Emeralds? Those weren't Emeralds at all! They are actually believed to be Peridot. The Egyptians loved "the Gem of the Sun" and mined it in Topazios, now modern day Zabargad. Mind bown!

Well there you have it folks. I hope I swayed you from that boring old belief that Peridot is well... boring. And check out that photo below! Peridot isn't only hot... is also beautiful!

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